Pumpkin Picking

We went to a pumpkin patch this year with some dear friends to find the perfect pumpkins.
The patch had rows and rows of pumpkins to chose from.
Vivian was finding pumpkins everywhere!
This place we so cute and so fun!
They had these tiny wheelbarrows for the little ones.
Vivian was not letting go of this little pumpkin she found.
At one point we traded wheelbarrows for one that wasn't broken.
It was much easier to handle.
Although it soon became my task to hunch over and haul our finds around.
Not to mention a cute little red head from time to time.
I didn't mind!
I'm convinced when we have a yard we will need one of these!
We came home with some great pumpkins.
I don't know who is wrapped tighter around each other's finger between these two.
Vivian truly loves Becky!
It's magical!
(Mark's hat was given to us by the friends we went with. It's awesome because on the back they had Miles' name embroidered on it!!! So thoughtful and perfect!)
We enjoyed a hay ride and enjoyed exploring in the kids corn maze.
We may or may not have come home with a couple ears of corn from the maze.
We took our pumpkins home for some painting and carving.
These two really went to town on the paint. 
 Vivian was in heaven.
It took a good couple days for all that paint to dry on that pumpkin!
Great job Vivi!  
It was a beautiful family night!
We will for sure be going there again next year!
Thanks Zamora Family for a great evening!


  1. What a fun time! I love Vivian's outright grin in the family snapshot! And little Clara looks so much like her daddy to me in that photo!

  2. Hello Andrae, this is Christy (Fisher) Goodman, your friend from BYU Idaho. :) It's been forever since we've talked! I lost your number years ago and ran into your blog recently. Your family is beautiful!! You are so strong and an inspiration to many. I'd love to get your number and catch up with you some time. My email is Christy.a.goodman@gmail.com. Hope all is well!