Fall Hiking

So as I said earlier, we are working on finding who we are again collectively.
With that being said I'm going to start posting more of what we are doing as family again.
I hope you join me on this journey.
We took my little brother Kurtis hiking with us one Sunday afternoon.
Unfortunately Mark wasn't able to come.
It was too bad because it was a beautiful night to get out.
We went on a new hike and enjoyed every minute of it! 
My children come alive while hiking.
Vivian never stops talking.
She's busier than ever when we hike.
It's so funny.
Miles was the same way.
What is it about nature that brings makes them so alive?
I love this little girls personality.
This picture captures it so well!
Clara slept most of the hike.
She really is such a good baby.
The colors were beautiful!
The air was nice and crisp, but not too cold. 
Perfect hiking weather.
This was the view of the northern part of the Great Salt Lake from our hike.
It was really was a beautiful night.
We enjoyed the sunset from this vantage point.
Hiking down we were a little rushed as the sun was setting and we were on a new trail and didn't know how long it would be.
But we made it down just in time.
At the end we took advantage of a great little park at the trail head.
Vivian had the whole park to herself.
Bonus to the night were the two deer we saw come down to the trail head.
Seriously we love living in Salt Lake City.
The outdoors are literally our backyard!
So glad we are able to enjoy it as a family!


  1. Beautiful photos. Great colors and fun smiles.

  2. oh fun! That picture of Vivi crouching down next to you might be my favorite of her ever!! Seriously darling. So glad you are enjoying things your family loves again! XOXO

  3. I love Fall! It is so beautiful there! I really miss getting to see all the Fall colors. The leaves never change or fall off the trees in Arizona. :(