Move Update

So it's been just two weeks now that we moved to Idaho. 
We really are enjoying it here.
It's so beautiful and open here.
The girls love all the playgrounds around....there are tons!
They especially love running here, as do I.
We run past horses, cows and more playgrounds.
Sometimes we stop in the middle of our run and enjoy some of these fun things.
At the end of our run today we stopped at a place right by us and fed some horses.
We also saw some pigs.
Seriously...the girls LOVE it!

Mark and I both have been pretty sick since we moved.
So we haven't gotten out to do too much exploring around town.
First on our list, some hiking trails. 
We hear there are a bunch around.

We were kindly welcomed by a few old friends of ours the first couple days with meals, treats and flowers brought in. Soooo kind!!
It really helped make us feel so welcomed.

Mark is loving his job!
He comes home so happy each night.
Plus he comes home well before bedtime for the girls.
In fact we often look at the clock each night and can't believe how much time we are able to have together.
Oh and the fact that he has been home with us the past three weekends in a row, what a treat!
It's awesome!

Overall we are beyond happy about the move.
However, I have found myself really down the past week.
I don't really know how to introduce myself and our family to others.
It's a delicate balance of guilt for me either way.
I didn't realize how hard this would be.
People think we just have two children...and why wouldn't they?
But telling them about Miles right off the start is like handing them a grenade and pulling the pin. 
They don't know how to react and might even be put off a little.
I'm not sure.
So I've been really struggling with how and when to bring the matter up, and even to whom.
Mark and I have been discussing the matter and how we want to handle it.

But so far Idaho has been welcoming and lovely for us.
We still have a lot to explore and figure out, and we are looking forward to it!


  1. www.adailyscoop.blogspot.com Look here on how to introduce your family. Or, just email her, she's awesome like that!

  2. You need to bring your little ones to see our baby miniature ponies. We've got 3 babies, and 3 to come soon. :)