Blue Craziness

As I am processing my thoughts from last week, with lots of highs and lows,
here's a peak of some craziness we had last weekend.
We went to an awesome, adults only,  Halloween party.
This party was all decked out with creepy foods, decorations everywhere, an "amazing race" style scavenger hunt in teams, and tons of wild games to follow.
We went all out on our costumes, using some friends' old costumes they made, and went as Avatar's.
Aren't these costumes they made AMAZING?!
We only added a few things ourselves.

The makeup took FOREVER, but it turned out pretty great.
Thank you mom for watching the girls while we went crazy with the blue paint.
It was our first time ever using face paint. Yikes.
Maybe we should have done a trial run, but it turned out pretty good I think.
Besides if you know me at all I'm pretty good at "making it work."
And that's exactly what we did.

Funny thing is Vivian didn't like seeing us like that.
But Clara, she loved it and thought it was super funny!
She would.

We really did have a blast.
It felt like we were teenagers in high school again.
It was a great way to relax and let loose after such a long and emotional week.
I hope we get invited next year....but oh the pressure we have to live up to.
(We took first place in the costume contest...I'm not sure we can top ourselves.)