Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

This morning I was cutting up veggies listening to the Lower Lights Hymn Revival CD. 
A favorite in our home.

Then this song came on. Mark, Miles and I use to JAM to this song all the time. It was our family favorite. Jamming to this song always involved a kitchen utensil in hand while singing into it accompanied with wild dancing around the kitchen. This would happen almost daily at our house. Miles even knew most of the words to the song.

As I listen to it today it has a whole new meaning to me. A deeper and more real meaning. A band of angels came for Miles and now my soul feels heaven bound more than ever. My favorite line has always been "If you get there before I do, then tell all my friends that I'm coming too." Well Miles you got there before me, so you know the drill buddy.
Love you, Mom

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  1. This is so sweet! We LOVE their CDs . The boys go to sleep to it every night! Love that sweet Miles. xoxo