This week is a week that my mind and heart are grasping onto every memory, every activity, every sound, every smell, every word spoken and every gentle touch with Miles just two SHORT and two very LONG years ago.
Each one of these photos was taken exactly two years ago yesterday and today.

It seems like yesterday we met friends up at Silver Lake and hiked with the kids and ate lunch while watching and feeding a squirrel.
That squirrel ate more lunch than my children ate for sure.
Miles wanted to take a picture of the two of us. I helped him take this picture.
I'm so glad he asked to take this. What a treasure. 

Miles wanted to show Uncle Kurtis his new Strider Bike he got for his birthday. But Kurtis was late getting to the house so I put Miles down for bed. But when Kurtis arrived he was so sad he missed Miles so I let him wake Miles up after only being down half an hour so Miles could show him his sweet wheels. Miles didn't hesitate waking from his sleep for even a second. He bolted out the door to the garage. I was lucky to get shoes on the boy. He was so proud of his new ride. The sweet boy only had two weeks on his new bike, as it came a couple weeks late, but he rode that thing every day...all day for those two weeks.

Miles' last night ever at Nana and Papa's house. For some strange reason Vivian just plopped up onto Miles' lap and insisted on sitting there. Miles was so patient with her and just held onto her. She was so happy and he seemed to enjoy sitting like this too. I thought it was so funny and so sweet I had to take a picture. Just after I took this picture I put Vivian to bed and came out minutes later to find both Miles and Nana crashed out cuddled up together. What a sight. So I snapped a few more pictures. They are pictures I will always treasure. I'm so glad the kids and I spontaneously went to visit my parents one last time. Best idea ever. Thanks Miles for asking!

Oh how my mind and heart can't put together that it's been two years. It's been so short yet so long at the exact same time. It's a week of reflections at our house for sure!


  1. Thanks for sharing such special pictures of your sweet boy! Thinking of you guys.

  2. I loved looking at these! Especially the one of Vivian sitting on his lap!!! So precious!!!!

  3. Dang! sometimes my comments don't post and I have to do them again. I hope you aren't getting all of them twice!

    I love these pictures! You are quite a great mom, that you would do the things Miles asked for when you could. Sometimes I say no to my kids for selfish reasons. I'm going to try to stop that! Thanks. You can rest assured that Miles felt heard and loved!

  4. Love this post. Sweet and bittersweet memories. Don't forget you have many angels watching out for you from Heaven.