Day Tripping

Saturday we took a little day trip to Twin Falls, ID to see my sister and her husband.
We made a stop at Shoshone Falls.
They are small this time of year, but still impressive.

I would call this bridge the gateway to Twin Falls.
It's breathtaking and a structural marvel to me.
The canyon is dizzying to look down at.
We were lucky to the bridge just as a group of base jumpers was getting ready to make their ascend to the bottom. Yes it is legal to do there, so it attracts lots of jumpers.
They literally climb over the rail on the road bridge and jump off. Plunging to the bottom and then releasing their parachute seconds after they jump and land down by those trees below. 
It's like a 20 second thrill ride.
It was fun to watch from the overlook area.
Vivian loved seeing all the colors of the parachutes as they opened up.

Believe me, I was holding on TIGHT to Vivian, and Mark to Clara.
I won't lie when I say that my PTSD was raging inside.
Oh the joy it is to live with this crazy and REAL thing since Miles' accident.
But I was proud of myself and kept it at bay.

On the way back to the car Clara was experiencing her own free falling.
The girl could not get enough of it.
While watching the base jumpers I had said that we really should not be giving Clara any new ideas.
I won't be surprised if one day she is climbing over that rail and jumping over for a rush herself.
I'm just hanging on with this sweet girl.
Oh the places she will be taking me in life... I can only imagine.

All in all it was a beautiful fall day, and so fun to explore a new place with family.

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  1. What a beautiful picture of Mark and Clara!! Love it!