The Monument

This weekend I found myself attending a few firesides. Both of which had messages and words that I needed to hear and it felt at times that the speakers were talking directing to me. My soul was feed and I felt peace throughout my entire being. What blessings I experienced this weekend!

I know there are many who read my blog who are aching and I hope this poem may help even slightly with that ache. We all have trials, we all have hurt and pain. You are not human if you don't. I wanted to share one of the poems shared, as it touched me so deeply. 

God, before he sent his children into the world, gave each of them a carefully selected package of problems.
"These, He promised smiling, are yours alone.
Only you have the special talents and abilities that will make these problems your servants, and no one else may have the blessing these problems will bring you.
So, go down to your birth, and to your forgetting.
Know that I love you beyond measure.
The problems I give you are a token of my love.
The monument you make of your life, with the help of your problems, will be a token of your love for me."

Your Father

Blaine M. Yorgason

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  1. And what a monument you and Mark shall have!