Clara is 2

I can't believe this little girl is two today!
She has been so excited for her "purple birthday."
I guess we do birthdays in color now?
And I'm sure you guessed her favorite color is purple.
First you should know that Clara Amy Kelly is named after this amazing lady, my Aunt Amy.
She's not just an aunt, she's like a mother to me, a sister, a best friend and so much more.
She has always been there for both me and my family. All five of us adore her!!
Clara and Amy even share the same birthday!!!!
(We planned that one perfectly!)
So happy birthday to both Amy and Clara!!!

This sweet little girl came into our lives at a time that we were hoping to expand our family, but at a time that we didn't expect such news.
We had literally just started to try for another baby and then Miles passed away.
A baby was the very last thing on my mind at that point.
It was exactly two weeks to the day of his passing that we found out we were in fact pregnant.
I had wondered and worried that if I was pregnant, that my body would reject the pregnancy due to such high stress my body was experencing at that time.
But Mark and I put our trust and faith in the Lord, and wouldn't you know it, this strong, independent and vibrant little Clara not only prevailed but brought something special and unique that our family has flourished from over the past two years.

Clara is sweet but sassy all at the same time.
When she has something in mind she wants to do, she never backs down without accomplishing it.
And she never wants help.
She always says, "I do it, I do it."

She has more energy than any of my children thus far.
And requires little sleep or food for such energy, which amazes me.
She's like the energizer bunny actually.

She is straight up funny!
She is constantly cracking us up around here....even herself!

She really has no fear when it comes to anything....except dogs.
She is leery of dogs, especially small ones, and some bugs.
But heights, fast things and anything that gets the adrenaline going is what she is all about.
She truly gives Mark and I anxiety at times. Oh not to mention those casually observing her in public. They are all in shock of her.
She is capable of far more than you would think from her tiny little body.
She's kind of amazing that way.

She is literally always into and doing something.
She really doesn't sit still for long.
So she keeps us moving around here.
(I think that was part of God and Miles' plan. 
Send her to us so we wouldn't have time just sit and cry.)

She has the best laugh, and she loves to laugh.
She also loves to make others laugh.
She also loves her brother Miles and loves to wear anything of his!
She calls him "Mi Moe."
(This is his old rain jacket that each of the three kids have worn.)

She tags along with and copies her big sister...always.
If Vivian is at school or a play date, she cries the entire time and asks me every five minutes, "Vivi...back?"
They really are best friends!

She has a very creative mind and is always making us laugh with the things she comes up with.
She literally carried this little toy vacumm up a slide and got onto the trampoline herself.
Then she began to vacumm it.
I think she's a little OCD like her mom and brother.

Clara is the life of the party.
She beats to her own drum.
She's full of life, loves to snuggle, and loves her "mimi" (blanket). 
She also gives the best big kisses while grabbing the back of your head so you can't pull away.
Generally speaking Clara is a very happy girl.
Clara, you came into our lives during the hardest and lowest point I hope to ever know.
You have brought such a sweet spirit into both our home and hearts.
Thank you for chosing us as your parents!
We love and adore you more than words can express!!
Happy Birthday sweet girl.


  1. I love these pictures. She's sweet, funny, and courageous. Happy Birthday to Clara and dear Aunt Amy.

  2. What a girl! I can't believe she's already two years old! I hope you're next baby girl brings a little calm or you are in for it! Happy birthday, Clara!

  3. What a girl! I can't believe she's already two years old! I hope you're next baby girl brings a little calm or you are in for it! Happy birthday, Clara!