Welcome Josie Mae

 October 20, 2015 We welcomed this sweet little one into the world and our family.
Josie Mae Kelly
7 lbs. 5 oz. 20" long

To say the girls were excited was an understatement.

I still can't believe we have three little girls running around this house now.

Clara LOVES to tell us that she isn't little. She's a big sister! 
And she couldn't be more proud of that fact.
(In fact she thinks she's my big sister. I can't seem to win that argument, so I gladly agree now.)

And Vivian, well she's kind of a baby hog. She wakes up super early asking to hold Josie. 
Who knew she would be such a great helper for me. It's been wonderful having her around to hold Josie so I can fill sippy cups, make lunch, etc.

We have LOVED having Josie Mae in our home! She is very sweet. So far she sleeps really good. (Fingers crossed. I'm just waiting for it to turn, because we have never had such a calm baby before.)
I won't lie we have also had some growing pains within the family, trying to find our new places in life. But it's been so wonderful bringing her sweet spirit into our home and family.

Now the real question. What color hair and eyes will she have? So far she has Miles coloring. 
But time will tell. It's always a surprise around here.


  1. Congrats!! She is so precious as are your big girls!

  2. Such beautiful pictures of your sweet girls!! Congrats on a piece of heaven straight from MILES!!! Thinking of your family. And I love you a lot!

  3. So so sweet! She's absolutely perfect!! I want to meet her and see you soon!