Blessing of Josie

Last Sunday Mark blessed Josie, giving her a name and a blessing in our church. Mark gave her a very beautiful blessing! Oh how my children are blessed to have such a wonderful dad, who loves them and blesses them with wonderful blessings! It was a wonderful day celebrating this sweet girl with family we love so much!
To say that I have been smitten with this little one is a bit of an understatment.
Having her has not only given my arms something to hold, but has brought a little ray of sunshine into my heart and soul that has been missing for longer than I think I even understand.
But this sunshine in my heart not only comes from Josie, but Vivian and Clara too.
To say I am blessed is an understatement! I mean look at those beautiful girls. BLESSED!
Oh how I long for Miles to be here. To have his sweet influence here in our home...physically.
But his influence is here. He is with each of these sweet girls! He is with ALL of us! 
It's crazy to me that we have three little girls with us now. Three sweet girls and one really incredible boy, make our family. Although it's hard to not have Miles in our pictures anymore, he is in our hearts and that is huge. I will always think of him, remember him, speak of him and long for him. I can't wait for the day he will be in our pictures again!! Family of SIX we are. It's crazy and wonderful!

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  1. This is beautiful Andrae. I still have a hard time taking Family Photos without our little Kate. But I too am grateful for the family I have, and we will always count her - Family of SEVEN we are.