Reading, reading, and more reading. From all the baby/parenthood books, school exams, CEU exams, and reading for pleasure it seems that is all the excitement at our house. With all that reading I hope I won't have resort to these styling reading glasses.

Meanwhile, with all the reading, my brother has introduced Mark to Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds. I know . . . sick huh. Who in their right state of mind ever thought that these would be good? Better yet, who in their right state of mind would ever purchase these? I'm told they are gross until about the 18th try . . . 18th try, I would never give it 18 attempts. As you can see, Mark was sold on them. I think he was hooked before 18, and there was no stopping him.

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  1. Sweet glasses--Where can I get a pair of those????--And...can you please post a picture of your pregnant belly??? Your fans wants to see.