No more poking!

How can you resist that face, and that pose? I think he's showing off a little. We may have our hands full with this one.
Miles is doing even better today than yesterday. He has remained off the oxygen, and has started eating (with the aid of a feeding tube or a syringe). His coloring is looking much better, however, he is still a little yellow. Today Miles was having some real problems accepting his ivies. Yesterday he blew his ivies in both of his hands, so they had to put one in his head. That was a little alarming to come in and see ivies sticking out our son’s head. But just like all the others, that ivy ruptured as well. So it was back to the poking and probing on our poor little man. Once they finally got a new ivy in, he blew the new one while I was trying to get him to latch on to eat. Which with all the gushing blood proved to be unsuccessful. The nurses and I were joking that he was testing the ivy skills of all the nurses as three different ones had their practice with him today.
With all the progress, it looks like we are right on track for bringing our little guy home Sunday. Can Sunday come any sooner? I doubt it!


  1. Keep it up little guy. I soo glad that you'll all be together for good soon. He's a real cutie.

  2. Oh my gosh! He is so dang cute. I love him already. I am so happy that he is getting better and will get to go home soon.

  3. I'm so glad you guys can hold him. Excellent news. It's good to hear he is progressing so well.

    Baby steps till Sunday....

  4. I love how his little hand is on the side of his face like, 'Oh dear, please stop poking me!' Happy to hear he's eating well and getting better!