Success . . . that is the word I would choose to describe today. Miles finally took to feeding from me this morning, and talk about eating! I think this poor little guy is starving for some real food, and boy do I have some food for him. It felt so good to fulfill some of motherly instincts of feeding my child as my body was designed to do. I hope that Miles and I can continue on this pathway of success. I am camping out here for the day so that I can be here for his every beck and call of hunger. I may be crazy, but I have also asked them to call me at any time, day or night, when he is hungry so I can zip up to the hospital and feed this hungry boy. Welcome to late nights and real parenthood right. Miles is doing so much better. We are hoping he is off his oxygen for good. Because he is eating so much from me, he may also be off his feeding tube. All his other vitals are looking great! They are still watching a few as he breathes a little fast at times. His chest x-rays show the fluid is moving out. All in all it’s good news. During the night he graduated from his warming bed to a regular crib. He even spent some of the night rocking away in the swing. As I’m sitting here listening to the clack of the swing I am amazed at the strength and courage of this little guy and my heart is so full. He is swinging away minute by minute and I can’t believe the time. Where does time go any more? I could sit here forever and just watch him. I am so in love with Miles! Will he ever even know how much I love him? I plan to tell him and show him everyday of my life.


  1. I am so glad and relieved to hear that Miles is doing so well. Please call me if you need anything...even just to talk. He is so adorable. I just can't get over it. We love you guys!

  2. Can I come right now and see him?
    Sigh... I wish.

  3. I haven't been on your blog for about a week so I've just been reading through the past 4 or 5 posts. Congratulations! How was the delivery? I'm sorry to hear he has struggled with an infection and all. I'm so glad he is doing well now though. I hope you get to bring him home this weekend. This is so exciting. Congrats again and . . . enjoy every moment!

  4. Hi Mark and Andrae! This is Sarah Atkinson, now Sarah Romer....Mark's friend from High School. I found your blog from Ira's, I think, and just wanted to say hi! Congrats on your little Miles. I have a little Miles too! He'll be one next month. It sounds like he had a rough start, but is doing better, and thats great. anyway...I hope you don't mind me peeking in on occassion. If you would like to check out my blog, its at www.romerfamilyramblings.blogspot.com