Skin to Skin

Note: This is post is actually from the 16th, as Blogger and I are not getting along right now.
As I sit here and admire Mark and Miles bonding I can't help but think about all the blessings this day has brought. Miles had another rough night, but again he prevailed and fought through it. When we came in this morning we found him all cuddled up and relaxed like this. . .Honestly, I just can't get enough of this little man!We were also able to hold him for the first time, with some Skin-to-Skin action. It felt so good to finally be able to hold Miles again, as it's been a few days. I don't know who enjoyed it more, him or me.

With the help of some warm blankets, Mark was even able to get in on the action. Aren't they so cute together. Miles adores Mark!

As for an update: Miles is showing improvement. His blood count numbers are showing that the antibiotics are working and the infection/pneumonia is going down. His breathing is becoming better each day. In fact when we were holding him we took his oxygen out and he was breathing well on his own. Yeah! His chest x-rays show the fluid in his lungs is breaking up. Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers . . . we can truly feel them working in our lives!

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