Service for Miles- Part 2

When Mark and I followed the life flight carrying our son to Primary Children's Medical Center Hospital we came straight from the pool.
I'm not sure who gave us t-shirts but somehow we ended up with t-shirts covering our swim suits.
I did have a coverup dress with me that I quickly slipped on.
But we just grabbed what people handed us and left in a moments notice.

We found ourselves at the hospital in wet clothing in the chilly month of October.
But our clothing was the last thing on our minds.
At that moment I didn't care what I was wearing.
In those moments I do remember being freezing cold.
The shock of the situation was taking hold of our bodies and the chills were taking over.
We were both shaking from both the cold, wet clothing and the shock of the situation.

A sweet social worker named Katie came in with a pair of heather gray sweat pants and beige t-shirts for each of us.
I've never felt the warmth and coziness of sweat pants quite like that before.
I didn't even matter if the clothes were way too big.
They were dry and warm.
It was such a simple but huge blessing for Mark and I in that time of complete fear and shock.
We were so grateful.

Sometimes I like to wear those sweats around the house or for walks.
I may never let go of those big, baggy sweat pants as long as I live.

The hospital is in need of such clothing articles.
For parents like us who come to the hospital in a moments notice, or may need a change of clothing due to unexpectedly having to stay the night.
I have been going all over the valley in search of sweat pants and t-shirts of all sizes and colors to donate with the quilts.

Not everyone is as talented as my Great Aunt Helen and can quilt, but most everyone can buy one pair of sweats.
So if anyone else wants to join me in gathering sweat pants or t-shirts in any size, it would be greatly appreciated by parents like Mark and I.
You will never know how much your simple efforts will bring some warmth and comfort to a parent facing a challenging situation.

I you want to participate in gathering sweat pants and t-shirts feel free to email me and let me know how you would like to help.
My email address is: andrae.kelly@yahoo.com

Any efforts are greatly appreciated!
I can't wait to donate all these items.
Think of all the people's live we will be touching.
May 13th is going to be great!


  1. Andrae! i have been thinking the same thing!!! When we got to the Park City hospital my clothes were covered in my precious sons blood. Once Zac and I made the decision for the doctors to stop CPR after 55 minutes, I couldn't stand to see Carson's blood all over my clothes. I felt physically and emotionally sick. The kind social worker also brought me a change of clothes. Some scrub bottoms and a gray t-shirt. I was so very thankful for this seemingly small kind act. I still to this day wear those scrubs and t-shirt. For some reason it isn't weird or uncomfortable. Those clothes remind me of the kind people that were doing everything they could to save my son and also console my family. I know they were hurting too. The social worker also gave Bridger a darling little stuffed lion which reminded us of Carson with his crazy morning hair. Bridger named the lion, Courage. He sleeps with Courage every night.
    You have motivated me to put this idea into action. Thanks dear friend. It means the world to have a friend that knows what this new life feels like. Love you.

  2. Hey Cute Girl - I went to Target today to get some stuff to donate but once I got there I felt like I didn't know what i was getting. Are yoga type lounge pants okay and t-shirt, or long sleeved thermals?? Would they like them to be logo free? Nothing on them? It is hard to find stuff without some kind of picture or logo. Also, does everything need to be brand new or can it be "gently used" or washed??

    It seems like I had one of there question, but I can't remember right now..
    Love ya!