Service for Miles- Part One

I have been consumed in a couple service projects as of late.
Service projects in behalf of Miles.
Today I will post the first part, the truly amazing part.
Tomorrow I will post the second part, the part you can help with if you so choose.

My great Aunt Helen called me a couple weeks ago on my birthday.
She had something she really needed to talk to me about.
I don't really know her that well, but I knew I should call her. 
I forgot for a couple days as it was a very busy weekend.
I called her a few days later, and found myself in tears or pure joy, excitement and overwhelming love.

When Helen heard about what Miles' tragic accident she felt as though she wanted to do something to remember him.
Helen has a four year old grandson, and said she felt as though she needed to do something.
Mind you she has only met Miles once, two years ago at a family reunion.
I must tell you that Helen is an AMAZING quilter.
She has quilted for almost 40 years.
Ever since she heard about Miles' she has been busy quilting quilts for Primary Children's Medical Center Hospital.
Now Helen isn't just doing a few quilts to donate in behalf of Miles.
She has been planning on doing 49 quilts, one for each month of Miles' life, and donating them to the hospital in his name.
(This is one of the quilts. Beautiful right!)

These are not just simple quilts.
They are piece quilts and no two are alike in color or pattern.
They are 46" x 60" too. 
So they are a decent size.

When Helen called me two weeks ago she was calling to ask if Mark and I are okay with her efforts and cause.
Of course we are okay with it.  I am blown away.
It's beautiful, amazing and simply so generous!

I immediately asked, "How can I help? I'm not a quilter, or even a sewer for that matter, but I want to help!"
So Helen has been teaching me how to bind the quilts.

(this is the completed stack as of last night)

She will have 38 quilts done by the end of this week.
Of course she has some generous friends helping her out with the cause.
People I may never even met, but I am extremely humbled by and grateful for.
If you are one of these amazing people reading this right now, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
The whole thing blows my mind, and makes my heart burst with gratitude and pure love.

The CEO of Primary Children's Medical Center heard of Helen's efforts and said he wanted to make an occasion of the donation.
I guess he remembers Miles' case and hearing good things about our family.
So on May 13, 2013 our family will be participating in a special ceremony at the hospital as we donate all the quilts and other items in Miles' name.
Truly amazing right?!
I'm so overwhelmed by all the love, thoughtfulness and true kindness of so many people working so hard in behalf of my son and family whom they have never even met.
This is a huge undertaking!

So it's going to be a busy month and half of learning new skills.
I'm so excited about it!
Helen is even going to help me make quilts for my two girls in memory of Miles.
I may just become a quilter myself.


  1. Truly amazing! A heartfelt gift of love.

  2. This is pure beauty!!! Can't say how much I love it!!!!

  3. I love your blog and I love hearing about your sweet son and daughter. My sweet daughter was at Primary Children's Hospital a couple months ago with heart problems. She was the recipient of a beautiful blanket somebody had donated and it made her stay bearable and happy for her. Your Aunt is a sweetheart for doing this! I hope she realizes that those heartfelt gifts really and truly touch the lives of children and families!

  4. Your mom told me a little about this and I think it is just so wonderful! I am just so touched by the whole idea - how your sweet Aunt Helen wanted to give in a way that would honor Miles. I hope she receives a blessing for every single stitch she puts into those beautiful quilts. And I pray that the love that goes into each quilt will bring comfort and peace continually to you, Mark, and Vivian.

  5. Dear, Dear Andrae,

    I have thought of you very often and am ashamed to say I've never written. Gwen has kept me informed of the events in your life. I have to tell you that Gwen is a true friend. She adores you and speaks so highly of you. Her heart was aching for you when Miles died. If she could have *fixed* it for you she certainly would have done it. She told me about the quilt project and we would both love to help. Just remember that Miles will never be forgotten. He will always be a very important person in the lives of others--even if it is merely because of his absence. We think these little ones are ours for a lifetime, and then we find that we only had them for a moment. I hear how brave and faithful you are and it makes me so proud of you. I know there are tough moments--but they will ease in time. They never completely go away and they come at you without warning, but your perspective changes. I look forward to getting to know my little guy--as I'm sure you will also. I wonder if he has a special person in his life. So many questions that will be answered in time. I love you Andrae and am sorry that this sorrow has come into your life. Be strong--as I'm sure you are. Cry when you need to and NEVER hesitate to speak his name to others. He is a big part of your family and has a place of honor within it. I am so honored to be able to contribute to this quilt project. God bless your Aunt for her thoughtfulness and have FUN. Quilting can become an addiction and it is very therapeutic. All my best to you dear one!