Sibling Love

This morning as Vivian, Mark and I were all snuggling in our bed, welcoming the new day,
Vivian was extra happy.
She was being super silly with some of her favorite stuffed animals, Rocky and Ruby.
Then suddenly she stopped and made a funny noise.
She was looking at the portrait of Miles next to our bed.
It's one of our favorites that my brother in law's dad did in pastel chalk for us.
It's amazing!
Vivian then said "talked me."
I asked her if Miles visited her last night and if he talked to her.
She said "yes" with such excitement.
Mark and I were so excited.
I immediately asked her what he said to her.
She thought for  a minute and said "Love you."
Mark and I found ourselves chocked up with such love and tears at the same time.
I asked her "Did Miles visit you last night and tell you that he loves you?"
She smiled big and said with even more excitement "YES!"

What a great way to start the morning!
If only Vivian was able to tell us more about these special visits that I know she gets from her brother.
I'm sure it happens often.
Miles loves her so much, I couldn't image that he wouldn't visit her all the time.
I'm sure he is watching over her daily.
If only I could join her in her dreams with him.
Doesn't that sound like Heaven?!
It does to me!

I hope when she is older she can tell us more about these special occasions.


  1. What a sweet experience. I hope she's able to remember these dreams and visits for years to come. What a wonderful gift.

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  3. Oh, I love that! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This gave me chills. Amazing.

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  6. I was just reading this again because I loved it and I realized this conversation between them took place on National Siblings Day. What a cute gentleman Miles is for wishing his sweet sister a Happy Siblings Day. ❤❤