What a Reunion

(Miles and Grandpa Summer 2012)
On May 3, 2013 my sweet Grandpa Hal Furness passed away. Oh how I love him.
I have been thinking about how sweet his reunion has been with all his loved ones who passed before.
How I'm sure my sweet little Miles was there to greet and welcome him home from a long journey.

I'm so grateful that we went to see Grandpa the week before he passed.
I'm even more grateful that I was able to pass along messages to Miles through him.
Grandpa is a man of his word, so I'm sure Miles got the messages.
But I should have put a clause in the contract with Grandpa and asked for a confirmation that the messages were delivered.
Most of all I'm so grateful to know that Miles is being taken care of, watched over and loved by these two sweethearts, among many others.


  1. Sweet message. I love this picture of Hal & Mary Ann. Hold on to your faith, Andrae. Be reassured that Grandpa has indeed passed your messages on to Miles. Love you.

  2. That gives me a whole new perspective on death. What a blessing that is to know that Miles is being to taken care of by those you love.

  3. I'm sorry about your grandpa, I haven't lost any grandparents yet. That's so sweet that you have someone else there. We've yet to lose anyone close to us I think it will be a comfort to have family with Preslee.