Memorial Day 2013

For Memorial Day this year we weren't able to go out of town to be at 
Miles' grave due to work schedules.
So we dedicated the day to do some of Miles' favorite things.
We started the day off up in Big Cottonwood Canyon at one of Miles' favorite places, Silver Lake.
Our family has always enjoyed going to Silver Lake.
In fact a week and half before Miles' passed we went up there 3 times in less than a week's time.
Our very last family photo was taken there. But that's another post.
We love it there!

Then we ate lunch outside and fed the birds.
After a nice lunch we went to Miles' favorite indoor bounce houses, Kangaroo Zoo.
Oh man did he love this place!
His personality really came out when we would go there.
In fact the month before he passed he incessantly kept asking to go there.
Mark and I really wish we would have taken him!
(I know it's blurry, but you can still see the fear on her face.)
Vivian was frightened by the place at first.
I don't blame her, those blow up things are huge and could be scary with 
all the dragons and such on them.

But after a couple attempts, and dad getting in with her, she was hooked. 
She even went down the huge slides all by herself. She's a brave one.
Just like Miles!

We came home and finished the night off with some popcorn.
I was always amazed at just how much popcorn that kid could eat.
My good friend gave me this sweet bracelet with a picture of me and Miles'.
On the back side it says Miles.
I love it!!!
The amazing thing is, she gave it to me on Sunday, Memorial weekend.
She had no idea, but her timing was perfect.
I made sure to wear it all weekend and in our own way take Miles with us on our adventures.
It felt so good to look down at his smiling face all throughout the day!
Thanks Cindy!

Although we didn't get to go to Miles' grave, the day really was so nice.
We felt it was just what Miles' would have wanted us to do.
We love you Miles! 
You are forever in our minds, thoughts and most of all our hearts.
Till we meet again son.

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