Silver Lake

As I mentioned in my last post, our family has always enjoyed going up to
 Silver Lake in the mountains.
It's perfect for kids, because it's really a nature walk around a large lake.
Just before Miles' passed away we went up there 3 times in one week.
The first time we went on a Sunday afternoon.
The kids loved it, as always.
They loved feeding the ducks.
Miles' loved finding all the "secret trails" just off the main trail.
He would quickly go on them and beat us back to the main trail.
He was so proud of himself, and having a great time laughing each time he beat us back to the trail.

Half way around we snapped a family photo of another family.
They asked if we would like one too.
We of course said yes.
It was amazing because the husband knew how to use a camera, our camera even.
So he was paying specific attention to the lighting and the scenery around.
Here is what he captured.
Our last family picture with Miles physically in it.
This picture was taken just two weeks before Miles left this physical world.
We will cherish it forever!!!

As we walked away I distinctly remember a voice within me saying "That family will never know how grateful we will be for taking our photo."
That voice was so loud and clear, I even looked back at them and smiled, I said a giant thank you in my heart, as though my soul was sending it to them.
It was a small moment in time, but one I will never forget.

It's also very interesting that just behind that peak in the background is where we spent 
our last days and moments as a family.

We finished the rest of the trail talking, laughing, watching people fish and chasing after one another.
It was a wonderful evening.
We will forever cherish those moments in our hearts.

Two days later Mark and Miles went up to Silver Lake for a father and son fishing trip.
They had the best evening.
Miles came home talking up a storm about all the fun he had, even if they didn't catch a thing.
I'm so grateful Mark and Miles got to spend some time together and a father and son.
Thank you Mark for taking time for our son.
He adores you!

The following day I took the kids up myself and met a friend and her son there.
We had a wonderful picnic on the rocks.
Miles found a squirrel to chase, so he didn't eat too much lunch after that.
He was laughing so hard trying to capture that squirrel.

Miles really wanted to take pictures with the camera himself.
Here is what he captured. 

Pretty good I would say.
Mark and I treasure all these pictures.
Most of all we treasure all the memories created behind these pictures and more.
I'm so grateful we got out and made so many memories that week!
What a blessing!


  1. We miss Miles' joy and laughter, and are so grateful you share such beautiful memories. Thank you. Our hearts and prayers are always with your family.

  2. You are a very good writer! Your writing really makes me feel for sweet Miles and your family even though we have never met.

    Best wishes,