Zoo Trip

Mark didn't have to work until later in the afternoon.
So we thought we would take advantage of a beautiful morning and take Vivi to one of her favorite places....the zoo.
Have I ever told you how much of an animal lover Vivian is.
She can't get enough of animals.
Any animal.
Nor have we met an animal that she is afraid of.
We have to keep a close eye on this girl around animals.
So Vivian and I grabbed our hats and we headed to Hogle Zoo.
We have found it's best to go in the early morning.
All the animals are up, eating and playful.
Plus it's not too hot yet.
It's perfect. 
One of Vivi's favorites are the sea lions.
She talks about them swimming in the water to everyone we meet. 
The zoo was giving out animal hats to all the children.
Vivi chose the elephant.
It cracks me up. 
You can't go to Hogle Zoo without riding their amazing carousel!
It's always been a family favorite of ours. 
We were lucky to see the first showing of the year of the bird show.
We saw it last year with the kids as well.
Miles loved it.
Vivian was fascinated.
This bird flew right over our heads.
Along with a few others.
If you are ever at the zoo to see the show we recommend it!
What a great morning with the family.
I think we will do this a couple more times before the baby comes.


  1. Fantastic Photos!

  2. Fun! Love Vivi's face watching the bird. Best!

  3. Andrae, I have tears as I read all of your blog posts. I am truly awe-inspired by your courage but also by your raw emotion through this trial in your life. You have always been an example to me and I needed your words tonight as I read all of your posts after losing your beautiful son. I live in Utah, if you ever want to text, chat, or get together, I would love that. Sorry, I know everyone can read this, but I just want to tell you I am sorry for your loss. My daughter is 4 1/2, the same age as Miles would have been. She was throwing up tonight as I was reading your posts. Normally, I would have thought it a burden to clean up the mess on the carpet and her. But tonight, I was privileged to be a mother to her. I just look at her and I think of your son. I have shed many tears tonight thinking about the excruciating pain you have gone through. I am thinking about you and your family at this time. Thank you for allowing me to realize my blessings. You are truly amazing to me.

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