Lately we have had some amazing rainstorms.
Each one has come on a day so fitting for my mood.
I've always loved a good rainstorm.
I remember being a little girl and being woke up in the middle of the night 
by loud thunder and lighting.
As I would wonder in the house to find comfort I would find my mom sitting up enjoying the wonder of the storm. I would then join her and be in awe.
We would watch as the world was quiet from the noise of the daily grind, but full of powerful thunder and bursts of lighting cleansing the Earth around us.
These were special moments for me spent with my sweet mother.

I feel like I have been in the rain for awhile now.
There are clouds overhead a lot of days, 
but rays of sunshine are always present in each storm.
Sometimes the thunder and lighting storms are so close my body is in a state of shock. 
Other times the storms are in the distance and a beauty 
to behold as they light up the night sky.
Some days the rain is light while other days the rain is so heavy it's drenching and cold.

I feel as though these rainstorms in my life are a sort of cleansing.
Although some rainstorms are scary, cold and loud there is beauty to behold in each one.
Just like the smell after a rainstorm, the clean Earth all around, the chirping of the birds bathing in the puddles left behind in the freshness each rainstorm brings 
I too can find a ray of sunshine somewhere in it all.
Although I don't chose to embrace each rainstorm when it comes, 
I can't help but get a little wet with each one.
So with that I am learning and trying to find joy in each storm and get out and 
let these rainstorms in my life cleanse me to become better.

Besides if it's going to rain then playing in the rain is much more fun 
that just sitting back and watching it!!


  1. Ooooo.... I have a song for you! Dancing in the Rain by Hilary Weeks..... sums this all up perfectly. What an adorable little redhead!

  2. Here is the iTunes link..... https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/every-step/id473952440

  3. Great words. When did Vivi get so tall? Thanks for sharing.