Halloween 2013

 Here's the low down on Halloween this year.
We had a sleeping giraffe.
(Holding another giraffe I might add.) 
A "beautiful witch" according to Vivian.
Please note that she was not a scary witch!
One very tired and heartbroken momma.
You can really see it in my face can't you!
I didn't realize it was so evident.
I truly have aged more than one year since last year!
(Note Miles' Halloween decals still up on the window in the background. 
Yep they are still up!)
Halloween this year was so bittersweet.
I found myself crying a lot that day.
I specifically remember last year and feeling so numb and physically weak as we took
 Vivian trick or treating.
Yet we went out to just a few homes for her last year.
This year the true reality of Miles not being here with us really settled in.
It was hard and it hurt.
Yet we got out and had fun as a family, because that's what he would want us to do.

We never got around to carving our pumpkin this year.
I heard of a neighbor who desperately needed one on Halloween day.
So I put the girls in the jogger and we literally ran one over and 
put it on their steps for them to come home to.
We later found out it made their sweet daughter's hard day better.
(So glad I listened to the spirit that day and we were able to bring sunshine to another!)
Besides that pumpkin was perfect for carving and really needed to be carved!!

Then that night our sweet Sister in law, nieces and nephew brought over this amazing pumpkin pictured. It has a heart and Miles carved out of it with the sweetest note written on the back.
It was perfect!
So we gave away a great pumpkin needing carved and in return got an even better one already carved.
Talk about full circle!!! 
Thank you Kelly Family, we LOVE you!

Plus to make it even better we got the best news EVER that evening! 
I can't wait to share the details soon!!!
Let's just say that Miles is helping and touching the lives of many still, 
and will continue to for a long time!
Thank you everyone for your kindness on such a hard day!!!

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  1. Cutest little giraffe and prettiest little witch ever! And I can't believe you are leaving us hanging on your good news! We will be waiting to hear!