Our Healing Board

Because this year is our "Healing Year"
we have been coming up with different ways to encourage healing in our home.
I came up with this idea:
"Our Healing Board"
It's a sacred board for our family to write how we are feeling or messages to Miles.
I thought it was such a good idea I made some for other angel families that we know.
Here's how it works"
{This was the note attached to each board and what it says.}

“Our Healing Board”
This healing board is for your family. 2014 needs to be a year of healing for each of our families. The journey to this point has been very long, hard and emotional for all. At our home we are focusing on healing our family and ourselves in 2014. We hope you will join us.

Our gift to help you start your healing year is this healing board. It’s a place where everyone in your family can write a message to your angel, record a memory, post a favorite picture of them or even post a creation made by you for them. It’s also a place you can record how you may be feeling on any given day... be it angry, sad, lonely, happy or hopeful. It’s a sacred board so place it somewhere in your home for all in your family to see, but somewhere private for just your family’s viewing.

Freshen the board as you see fit. Maybe even capture the memories shared (before freshening it) with your camera throughout the year. You could even turn those pictures into a healing book at the end of the year and see how far you have come on your journey as a family. It’s yours to experiment with and see how it best suites your family.
We truly hope this helps start 2014 as a healing year for your family!!! You truly all deserve it, need it and your sweet angel would want it for you all too!
Much love, Mark, Andrae, Miles, Vivian and Clara Kelly

Mark had the best idea of making photo magnets of each of our angel children.
So I made these.
They turned out so cute! 
We even made this "Our Brave Board" for some friends 
whose little girl is fighting Leukemia right now.
We figured they could use some place to document brave moments at their house!

As yesterday was the 13th, and marked 15 months since Miles' accident we thought it was the perfect night to deliver the boards to each of the families.
So last night we spent family night driving all around the valley and through a couple canyons delivering Healing Boards to our new friends.
It was such a wonderful night spent together as family and talking with each angel family.
It truly was a Healing Night for us!
I can honestly say I felt Miles smiling down upon us!!

I can't wait to see the treasures "Our Healing Board" will hold throughout the years!

{I truly wish I could make one of these for everyone!! So should you like you are more than welcome to copy my idea!!!}


  1. Incredible. You are touching and helping to heal so many. Dear Miles-may the lessons you teach so many, through so many ways, never leave us.

  2. Such a great idea! You are so thoughtful to extend this to others who need to heal or need to be brave! I am sure each person felt your love and will also feel the love of their angels through this as well. This really touched me.

  3. That is a beautiful idea. I hope for some healing for you this year, my friend. Hang in there! *Sending a hug from a fellow angel mommy*