Blessings Through Service

Last week was a really hard and emotional week. I will post more about it later. But I have to say even though it was a hard week I trudged forward and did more service than ever last week. Giving service truly does help lift my spirits and brings a smile deep into my soul. Through service my burden is often lightened and peace comforts me like a warm blanket. It feels so good! It may be a little addicting even.

Late Saturday night I learned through social media that a family from my home ward in Idaho was rushing in the night to Primary Children's Hospital in Utah for a sweet little baby boy who's journey in this mortal life is already challenging. My heart sank. Even as late as it was I immediately called my parents, which I think scared them a bit, and informed them on the matter. I told them to keep me informed so that I could help in anyway. They then called me in the morning to let me know more details they had found out.

After church I dropped the girls off at my with my aunt and took a little care package of snacks I put together from my pantry. There really wasn't much I could do for the family, but I remember people bringing in snacks and setting up shop for my family in the waiting room. You get hungry being in the hospital with nerves on end all day. So the least I could do was offer my sympathy, give hugs and drop by some snacks to help pass the time for this sweet family.

Since Miles has passed I have found myself up at that hospital visiting people much more than I would like. Each time I forget myself, rush up there and trudge through those halls on a mission. Only later to be hit by emotions as I leave. That hospital is a hard yet beautiful place to be.

As I was checking in I also asked about one of Miles' doctors that has touched Mark and I's lives for forever. I asked if he was working that day. I have wanted to see him and give him a hug for the longest time now. The front desk had no way of looking him up and so they told me to visit the PICU and ask if he was there. That's where Miles was during his last few days in the mortal world and where we met this amazing man.

After I found the family and left my care package I got in the elevator and pushed the call button for level 2. My heart was racing. As I came out I knew exactly where to go. I had spent too much time in that area in such a short amount of time. My feet took me straight there before my mind and heart could catch up. As I dialed the phone and the receptionist picked up she said she didn't know of a doctor by that name. I told her my purpose for wanting to see him and she let me in. Two nurses then racked their brains and and made a few phone calls about the doctor. They discovered that he had moved to another department. They called down to see if he was working only to find out he wasn't. I thanked them for their help and left. As those large doors shut behind me the tears began to stream down. I haven't been through those doors in a year and a half. The PICU is a hard place to be! I even mentioned my gratitude to those sweet ladies as I told them how amazing they are to work in such a hard unit.

I found myself back in the elevator and down on the first floor. As I stepped out so did the sweet family I was just visiting from the elevator adjacent. I got to meet the cute mother of the little baby fighting hard and expressed my sympathies and concerns to her.

Just then as I headed towards the doors to exit I stopped to take off my visitor badge at the garbage and I looked up and smiled at the man coming out of the cafeteria. Then I stopped, it was the sweet doctor who I was just in search of. I spoke his name and he knew mine. My heart leaped and my arms immediately found his in such a sweet embrace. I told him, how I was just looking for him, and that it truly was fate that he was right there at that moment.

We talked for about 10 or 15 minutes. It was so good to catch up with him. Not only did he remember me, but my whole family. He even remembered that Miles had blonde hair. I was so touched by that. We spoke of some very private matters concerning Miles' accident, our family and emotions. I told him how Mark and I have often spoken his name with so much love and respect. He truly has touched our lives forever.

He then had to go, as other beautiful children needed his attention and gift. I left the hospital full of love. Before leaving the parking lot I said a pray of gratitude that I was able to see him again. That because of giving service, service was given to me. I can't even explain how perfect the timing of it all was, because literally he was walking out the door and had 10 steps to take before he would have entered his new unit and been off to work. Even seconds earlier or later, I would have missed him and missed that moment we shared.

It truly was a beautiful Sunday afternoon that my heart and soul needed! I will forever be found giving service to those around me for the rest of my life! It is healing in more ways than I can even say.

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  1. That is amazing! I'm so glad this tender mercy was given to you! You are amazing Andrae! Love you! XOXO