Pure Fun Again

Last weekend I gathered a group of friends and family and we headed to an indoor trampoline arena.
I had taken Vivian there about a month ago for a date night.
We had so much fun we had to take Mark there!
So Saturday night was the night.
Here's a little glimpse of our evening....
That's Mark about ready to jump off.
Heads up below...
Seriously jumping into all that foam is such a freeing feeling.
Digging yourself out is another story sometimes.
Vivian mastered the balance beam.
Jumping on all those trampolines truly does bring out the kid in everyone.
We spent a good and exhausting solid hour jumping our hearts out.
Clara even joined in a little.

As soon as we got in the car Mark immediately said "That was so much fun" and began laughing!
I was so taken back and just smiled at him as I whole heartedly agreed with him.
Then I said "Do you realize that's the first time I have heard either of us say that in almost a year and a half?"
We both looked at each other and smiled and agreed that it felt so good to truly have fun again!
Fun as a family too!
In that moment our hearts were light and full of warmth again.
It was delicious to our souls.

I may have left with huge bruises on my shins {a reminder that my body is no spring chick anymore}, but it was truly freeing to feel such joy in our lives again and as a family!
We will for sure be going back again!


  1. I love this so much! Looks fun! And I can totally picture that scene in the car. Mark has a great laugh!

  2. Just a note to say that names like The Kellys or the Drapers should not have an apostrophe before the letter S. If you are showing ownership, like
    the Kelly's house, use an apostrophe. But not if you just mean a family named Kelly.

    1. Thank you Rosemary for the correction. I hope this wasn't bothering you too much.

  3. We have an gym like that here in Heber. On Mondays they have open gym for the little kids - if you are up for an adventure we would love to have you join us - we go most Mondays in the winter.