Before it Opens Preview

Saturday we were privileged to go to the "Before it Opens Preview" of the 
FFKR Architects, the firm I use to work at, are the architects of this amazing facility.
They invited me to join in on the fun and I couldn't say no.
Even if we had to go without Mark. He had to work as usual...bummer!
It was a fantastic day!
Everything is so technologically driven and so creative!
Here's a digitally projected topographical landscape map on top of rubber chips. 
So fun to run your fingers through them and watch the landscape change! 
A steam tornado that you can stand in.  
You can stand in this area and feel the sensation of 45, 65 and 85 mile an hour winds beat against you.
I've never scene Vivian's hair so straight.
Pictured here are some of the Zamora family...Vivian calls them her cousins. 
Truest of friends! I love this picture. 
There are soft areas designated just for kids under 3.
Clara loved crawling around these areas playing with the garden food and balls.
Vivian feed the rabbits the garden foods she collected in her wheelbarrow.
Each rabbit says different things as you put the food in their mouths...i.e. the color or which food it was. 
We did some laundry, put on a play, made our own music on a stringless harp and a bubble piano.
We made movies, learned a line dance, ran from an avalanche, took Cat Scans in the Veterinary office and so much more!
The Rainforest area is made up of tons of activities with rope bridges connecting each area.
Vivian didn't heistate climbing any of them. 
I couldn't believe she wasn't scared because these bridges are two and three stories above the ground.
I tried to capture the height in this picture, but it really doesn't do it justice.
The bridges connect up at one point to this airplane suspended in the air. 
Vivian loved pretending to drive it.
Aunt Amy and I had so much fun crawling around the rainforest area.
Maybe even more fun than Vivian...it's a hard call.
It's like we were kids again.

The Museum is FANTASTIC! 
We will for sure be going back and taking Mark with us many, many times.
Can't wait until May for it to officially open!
(Although I loved being able to go before all the masses come out!)

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  1. This looks amazing! So glad you were able to go! Where is it?