Vivian's Best Friends

Vivian has a couple true and tried best friends. 
They are her constants in her life.
These two make her giggle, go everywhere with us, and are just plain fun for Vivian.
I have to document them so that I will never forget them....highly likely that I will, but just in case.
Meet Rocky. He's the cutest raccoon you have ever seen!
Rocky has literally been with Vivian since the day before Miles' accident.
She got him from the resort we were staying at.
Rocky has been with Vivian through the hardest and best of times.
She wouldn't let go of him for months after Miles passed away.
I think it's because we had to spend so much time away from her, and Rocky was something familiar to her that she could hold onto through it all.
Rocky seriously goes everywhere with us.
He even has his own bag that he gets toted around town in now.
(Sorry no picture of that one.)
And of course we cannot sleep without Rocky.
We LOVE Rocky Rock!

Okay you ready for this one?
Remember Vivian is an animal LOVER!
Well after Miles passed away her and I were at a second hand store looking for some things for someone else.
Vivian found this cat...
It's one of those FurReal pets.
I told her that I was not going to buy it.
But she WOULD NOT put it down.
Being beat down myself and not up for a fight, I spent the $3.00 on this silly thing.
I couldn't believe I just bought it.

When we brought the cat home we put new batteries in it and you know what...it worked.
The thing purrs, it's head moves, it licks it's paw and rolls on it's back.
(Well it doesn't lick or roll anymore because I think in all the love it's leg may be a tad bit broken now.)

The first night we had the cat my Aunt Amy was over and we didn't know how to shut the thing off.
It would keep purring at us, because it's motion sensitive.
So we put it in the closet and yep it kept purring at us.
It was just a little creepy. We couldn't stop laughing.
Not to mention the cat looks so real that, that itself is creepy.
The whole thing really is so funny.

Even my grandpa got a kick out of the cat before he passed away.
(I even caught him trying to play with it. Waving his hand in front of it trying to get it to do something. I offered him to take it home for company. He just laughed at me and shook his head.)

Okay but one of the best parts about this cat is her name. 
Mind you my children usually name their animals according to what they are...dog=doggie, cat=kitty, giraffe= giraffie, etc.
(Except Rocky, he was already named when we got him along with a cute write up about Raccoons.)

So one day I asked Vivian what her cat's name was and she immediately responded "Cloeen."
I couldn't stop laughing because that is my mom's name.
So funny. Especially since I'm not sure that my mom even likes cats.
But Cloeen has stuck and thus she is a part of our daily lives.

Talking to Cloeen the cat each day really is so funny to me.
Just saying my mom's name to the cat cracks me up.
Especially hearing Vivian say it.
Plus It's kind of funny to put Cloeen in timeout. 
Cloeen seriously goes everywhere with us too.
Which is crazy because the thing is not small!
She goes to the store with us, the library at story time and even swimming lessons.
Often I have to convince Vivian that Cloeen has to stay in the car for a cat nap.

I have had people stop me asking me if my daughter was really carring around a real cat.
You should see the looks we get sometimes.
Yes, I am that mom. 
I can't tell you how many times I have tried to get rid of Cloeen.
But Vivian truly is in love with her so much.
So she remains part of our family.
I mean really, she may shed a little, but she's better than the real thing.
Especially since I am allergic to cats.

So if you see me out in public you will find me with a baby in one arm, a diaper bag slung over my should, Cloeen in the other hand and an adorable redhead carrying around Rocky in her pink bag.
We may be quite the scene.
But best friends are the best!


  1. I love her! You tell her Polly has a fur-real puppy we could introduce to Cloeen!