Birthday Visit

My birthday was over the weekend.
I couldn't think of anything more I wanted to do but go visit Miles at his special place.
We were so blessed with beautiful weather, and no wind.
That's a big deal in Idaho this time of year!

Miles' half birthday is just two days before mine.
Not to mention his half birthday and my birthday fall on the anniversary date of his accident and passing.
So needless to say I don't get too excited about my birthday anymore.
But who really does when you are my age anyway?

We bought this BYU sign for his grave.
I couldn't wait to take it out there.
It looks even better than I pictured.
He would love this so much!
He loved anything BYU.

Next up....a BYU sign for my grandparents just there behind him to the right.
They would love it too! 
Since the weather was so nice we got to spend some relaxing time at the cemetery.
It was so nice letting Vivian and her cousin just run around and explore.
We cleaned up other's graves and visited other friends and family buried there.
I have wanted to take some pictures with this old International Truck for sometime now.
The colors on it are amazing.
The truck just speaks stories as it has seen many things in it's years.
I sort of think of it as the guardian of the cemetery.
It's so big and protective looking.
I have so many memories with this truck and the cemetery Miles is resting at.
When I was a little girl my parents were the Sextons (the care takers) of this cemetery.
I remember always running around chasing the chickens off the graves with my little brother.
We spent a lot of wonderful summertime nights at that cemetery.
I remember riding in this exact truck with my dad.
I love that it's still there and that I could get a picture of my daughter with him in it.

Even though it is hard having Miles so far from us (4 hours total), Mark and I always feel so much peace there at the cemetery. 
We both know without a shadow of a doubt that Miles is exactly where he needs to be....his body resting until we loving embrace him again in that quiet and peaceful cemetery surrounded by God's beauty all around.
It was a great weekend!


  1. This is beautiful and I didn't realize all the connections you have to this cemetery. I'm so glad you got to visit Miles for your birthday. What a special day of reverence.

  2. Those chickens....I remember them well. Sounds like a great way to spend a birthday.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful moments.