Meet Giddy

Meet Giddy Giddy {aka Clara}
Months ago my mother in law was over and noticed the cowlicks on the back of Clara's head. 
She began laughing and called them Giddy Giddy's.
See here. 
Two right by each other.
My mother in law said that in Hawaii {that's where she was born and raised} when there are two cowlicks right by each other they call them a  Giddy Giddy.
She said it's also a sign that the child is going to be a little on the wild and on the free spirited side, to say it nicely.

Mark and I began laughing because free spirited seems to fit this girl perfectly.
I mean honestly, she is such a good girl, but I don't know why the girl is in such a hurry to grow up.
She is doing things beyond her age and was early on too.
And energy....this girl has tons of it!!
She really is only still when sleeping.

This girl is ALWAYS on the move.
She will be 9 months in a little over a week and the girl already can stand up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything.
She wants so badly to be walking it makes her mad that she can't yet.
But she is close...yikes!!!

She crawls super fast, can reach and grab things she really shouldn't.
She is always shaking her arms around with anything she can grab at.
And jumping....it's probably her most favorite thing in the world.
She never sits on my lap....instead she stands and just jumps and jumps.
Church is a chore and a half with this one.

She is always a mess.
I have never had a messier child.
I don't really mind too much only because I have a washer and dryer.
But she is just a mess of some kind, all the time.
Oh the loads of laundry around here. 

She always has something in her mouth.
And she LOVES the keys the most!
{Don't judge....it builds antibodies!}

And the girl has the fluffiest hair. It's so funny!
Her hair has a mind of it's own.
I suppose it's a reflection of her personality.
I just love this girl to pieces!!!
She seriously keeps me going ALL DAY LONG!
But all the smiles and those darling eyes.....they are all worth it!

So if you hear us calling her Giddy Giddy, Giddy, or Gids you know we are just affectionately calling her the name that suits her best.
It's so funny to hear Vivian call her Giddy, and even more funny that Clara responds to it!
We love our Giddy!

{Now I must go, because in the time it took to write this little post up, you should see all the destruction around here.....BUSY GIDDY!}

Here's a laugh....
One of Google's uses of Giddy: 
  1. 1.make (someone) feel excited to the point of disorientation.
    "the giddying speed of the revolving doors"

     Or The Giddying speed of Clara!


  1. Love this! She is so gorgeous. It is so funny to hear you talk about her free spirit because I think we all thought Vivi was, but Clara seems to have even pushed beyond! I can't wait to see your sweet girls!