Baby Lambs

Another reason for our trip to Idaho last weekend was to see all the new baby lambs being born.
We haven't been for awhile...we took Miles when he was 18 months old (remember this).
I forgot that he kissed all the baby lambs he would see until I read this post again.
The poor boy was so sick, but he still loved seeing the lambs.
We knew Vivian, our little animals lover, would love to see all the new lambs.

We walked around in the pen with all the sheep due to have babies soon.
There were swarms of sheep everywhere!
These particular Sheep Farmer's have 8 Bands of sheep.
1 Band = 1,000 ewes (female sheep) plus their babies.
So that's over 8,000 sheep!!
So we really were in the thick of things walking around in this huge pen of expecting ewes!!

After the babies are born, the lambs and their mother are taken into these large lambing sheds and rest on fresh beds of hay for a few days.
We walked up and down the aisles looking at each new lamb.

Vivian loved trying to feed the mothers some pellets from her hands.
And of course she would try and pet each little lamb if it was within arms reach of her.

Clara was fascinated by it all. 
There's truly so much to take in.
Seeing new baby lambs really is amazing. 
Witnessing new life and watching them discover themselves and how their bodies work is sort of magical.
It's so fun to watch the new little lambs outside jumping around discovering what they are capable of.
Truly signs of spring.

After all the adventures we had some major shoe cleaning to do before getting back in the car.
Mark had it the worst.
The bottom of his shoes have some serious grips, which don't make it the easiest for scrapping off.
I love that man!

These Sheep Farmer's live in the same little farm town that Miles rests in.
So not only did we get to see all the beauty of nature but we also got to visit Miles on the same day.
It was a great day with perfect spring weather!

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  1. sounds like so much fun. Maybe we'll have to go sometime with you. ;)