Water Safety- Types of Drownings

Last post for the month on water safety.

Have you ever heard of a Second Drowning? I hadn't heard about it until I ran across an article about one on social media. Many of you may have seen a couple of these articles circulating. When I first read Lindsay's post about her son's experience with a Second Drowning I couldn't believe it. Why had I never heard of such a thing? I immediately contacted her and asked her if I could share her story on my blog. This kind of information needs to be known and shared so that we can not only be aware of what to look for but more importantly how we can save lives of those precious ones we love.

Read Lindsay's story here. (click here for the link)
Honestly it is worth the read! Thank you Lindsay for being so brave and sharing such a scary and life changing experience!

Here's another article talking about not only a Second Drowning but other types called a Wet Drowning and a Dry Drowning. (click here for the link)

Honestly I had no idea about any of these types of drownings. Please read these articles so that as summer comes we are ready to have a good and safe summer of water fun.

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