Summertime Fun

Yesterday we welcomed in the warmer weather of summer.
Our neighbors made a sweet homemade slip and slide and invited us over to play.
Clara immediately LOVED it!
This girl is not afraid of much and loves a good time.

Vivian on the other hand took a bit to warm up to the idea of it all.
She sat like this for the first bit.
Crying that she was wet.
Granted she did just wake up from a nap before this.
Why do my kids wake up so grumpy from naps?

We found we had to lather up with dish soap to make it more slippery.
Vivian loved putting the bubbles all over Clara.
This is ultimately what lured her into the fun.

Soon Vivian was going down like a champ.
Clara just liked playing in the water collecting at the bottom.

We had so much fun!
Let the summer officially start!

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