My Success

I was cleaning out my wallet and pulled out this picture of Miles when he was little; along with a family photo of Mark, Miles, Vivian and myself and some more individual pictures of Miles, Vivian and one of the two of them together. As I sat there and adored how handsome and beautiful my children are I also found myself mourning the innocent happiness of my family in the photos. Something I haven't felt in our family since Miles passed away, and something I'm not sure I may ever fully feel again.

Then I came across a quote I had forgotten about. A quote that struck me so deeply I made sure to write it down and put it in my wallet next to pictures of my family so that I would never forget what made me happiest in life want what truly matters most.

"If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your soul, it is not success at all." Anna Quindlen

My family truly is my success and they are what makes my soul feel good. My family is my success and ALWAYS will be!

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  1. I was thinking this was a picture of Clara. She looks a lot like brother! I always love your words. Miss you!