Strider Riders

For Miles' last birthday here he got this sweet Strider Bike.
My brother Kurtis, who helped us get the bike, came to my parents house late one night when the kids and I were visiting. Kurtis was so excited to see Miles on his new bike so I let him wake Miles up and the two of them went out to the garage so Miles could show Uncle Kurtis his sweet new ride.
Kurtis took this awesome picture of Miles that night.
You can tell Miles is so proud and feels so big on his Strider Bike.
Unfortunately Miles only got to ride his Strider for two weeks before he passed away.

Mark and I LOVE this Strider.
It envelopes more to us than words can express.

The girls have LOVED riding Miles' Strider. Vivian is very protective of it for Miles. 
She's pretty good on it too. Believe it or not but Clara LOVES the bike too!

Last weekend we entered Vivian into a bike race. But when we showed up she was tired and too grumpy to ride. So Mark made the most of the moment and put Clara on the Strider.
And off they went...
Needless to say Clara was the youngest rider there.
All the girls in the race got a tutu to wear.
So cute!

Clara LOVED the race....and so did Mark! 
She even cried when we took her off the bike. The girl just loves to ride!
Mark saved the night and so did Clara who is always a sport.

I love the we can take a piece of Miles with us with his special things like his Strider.
I'm sure he is with us in the moments cheering us on! Smiling and celebrating with us!
Looks like we may be purchasing another Strider for Clara soon!
We are Strider Riders!
(We even have a song we sing when we ride our Strider.)

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  1. I love this so much! That darling girl! I'm sure Miles LOVED seeing her and Mark have so much fun! Love you guys! XOXO