Jumping & Front Flips

For Miles' birthday we took the girls to an indoor jump house.
Miles LOVED those places!!!

Needless to say Clara was totally in her element.

Vivian was too.

The girls were coming up with new tricks of sliding and climbing up crazy things.

We totally took advantage of the foam pits.
Hello sweetness!
Dang I wish we had one at our house!
The girls jumped into like crazy girls.

Plus we would toss them in the pit at crazy high altitudes, while being safe of course.

Then the front flips began.
Mark started us all off.
It soon became a family affair.

That is once we wrangled Clara from the restricted area.
Cones don't deter this girl. No way.

Everyone was pulling the flips out.
This shot makes mine like dinky, bad angle. I assure you I had some good air.
I blame the camera man.

Then it was to the kid zone for the little ones to pull out the flips.
Vivian got really good at them!

And of course Clara had to be in on it as well.
Did I mention the girl is doing back flips off my sofa now?
With my assistance of course.
But come on girl, you are only 14 months. Simmer down just a little.

I love this photo of the girls. 
They really are the best of friends. 
Just like Miles and Vivian were/are.

We had such a good time and spent a solid two hours here just jumping, flipping and forgetting about the hard things in life. I'm pretty sure Miles was there laughing along side of us, giving us pats on the back for each new trick performed. It was a good afternoon!

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  1. How fun!! Vivi looks so grown up to me in these pictures!! Xoxo