This Sacred Journey

(This was our view our or window that day. Amazing.)

This morning I have been reflecting a lot on our morning two years ago with Miles.
It was a wonderful morning. It was a slow and easy going kind of morning, A Miles kind of day for sure. You can read a little more about it here.

Although today's reflections have some really hard memories, there are also many really wonderful memories. I'm so grateful for those tender and beautiful memories of that morning. I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.

Right after Miles passed away I thought a lot about that day. How many options and choices came up throughout the day. That if we would have just gone on that spontaneous hike, went bowling like Miles had asked to, watched the BYU football game and so on that maybe Miles' accident would have been prevented. As easy as those thoughts of "what if's" are, Mark and I always conclude that God needed our son and he would have taken him in another way if not the way he did. So as hard as it may be Mark and I are grateful for the tender mercy of how peacefully Miles was taken while wrapped in the arms of angels the entire time. I know this is what I happen. I never question it.

I truly believe that each one of met with God before coming to this Earth and discussed our mission here. I'm sure that together we discussed many of the hard trials we would face. But I know that God gives us trials for a reason. That the trials he gives us are trials for us to learn and grow from. I'm sure that we spoke with him about these trials and that they were the best for us to reach the potential he has in store for us without being too much for us to bear. I'm sure we agreed with his decisions and we both saw the outcome in the end.

Sometimes I joke that I may not of understood all the parameters to which I agreed on. Yet I know I am on a sacred journey that was designed just for me and my family. That when I reach the end of this journey and look back I will see exactly why God trusted me with the trials he gave me. Holding strong Till we meet again.


  1. Holding strong is right! I love this Andrae! And I love you all!! XOXO

  2. My mom had a brother that drowned before she was even born. A few weeks before his accident, he had gotten into some cleaner (he was only two years old). They rushed him to the hospital and saved his life, only for the drowning accident to take place less than a month later. My mom has alway told me that if meningitis hadn't taken my Kwynn, something else would have. It is also helped me a lot when I find myself racing over the events of the day she got sick. Mortality it hard. I know we rejoiced at the chance to come and experience it, but man, it's hard.

  3. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers. You mentioned in a blog once about how much you didn't like any type of floats for children swimming and Miles had one on too the day of his accident. Would you mind sharing what one he had on, and did you ever explain in a blog what happen at the lake? I teach swimming at my home to 3 and 4 year olds and have constant conversations with parents about swimming safety. Take care, Dina Tallahassee, Florida