Messages for Miles

When Vivian was writing out her Valentines cards she asked me excitedly if she could take one to Miles.
Of course I said YES!
It was a great idea, and I loved that she was thinking of him and including him in her life!

So on Valentine's Day we drove out to see our big brother.
The girls were both so excited.
We took him some special things and spent a little time telling him how much we loved him and how much we miss him.
It was such a nice day there I could have stayed the whole day.

When we went out there we got this amazing box.
My sweet cousin, who sadly knows child lose herself, and was visiting from Washington was beyond thoughtful and kind and wanted to make it a special day for us.
Without even telling her, she clued in days earlier when I met up with her how hard I was struggling this holiday.
Sadly I didn't even clue in much to my own depression about the holiday.
This was the year I should have helped Miles make a special box to collect all his sweet messages of love from those who are part of his life.
I always LOVED making a Valentines Box, and apparently so did my cousin.
So she made sure that Miles had one and that it was full of sweet notes of love from loved ones.

Inside we found sweet notes from most of my family. Sadly she wasn't able to contact Mark's family. She seriously did this all in a day...amazing!
She also put stickers in for Vivian and Clara to decorate his box.
She included big hearts for us all to write down special memories with Miles and notes of love to him when we are having a hard day.
She also wrote a really sweet and heartfelt note to Miles and asked him to take care of and give her baby that she will raise in the next life a big hug.

Honestly, my heart was so full of love, gratitude and true humility at this kind act of so many family members.
As I read each note to Mark on the drive home my tears turned into streams down my cheeks that would not stop.
I honestly couldn't hardly breathe I was so full of emotion.
To have so many family members remember our son and love him as we do meant the world to us.
I hate the thought of him being forgotten and left behind only in mine and Mark's minds and hearts.

So for those of you who wrote a message THANK YOU!
For those of you who are still sending them THANK YOU!!
And if any of you still want to write one THANK YOU!!!
We will make sure each one is included in this special and now sacred box.

My cousin included in one of her cards this quote:
"He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, 
but rejoices for those which he has." -Epictetus

I'm going to work on living this quote more each day!
I know there will be days and moments that it will be hard, but honestly I am beyond grateful that I did have and that I DO have Miles. He is mine and mine forever! I just have to exercise patience until I hold him again.


  1. Well this is amazing!!!!!! Xoxo

  2. What a sweet idea! So glad you felt so much love! thinking of you often and praying for your momma heart to heal...