Small but Huge Steps

I have to brag for just a minute. Most of you won't think this is a big deal. But those who really know, know just how big this really is.

Birthday's use to be a big deal at our house. I was all about having traditions and making memories. Miles LOVED birthdays. He would talk about them almost daily, asking who's birthday was next. He was always telling me the order of our family's birthdays. He was a little party planner to say the least.
I think he's what helped make birthdays so much fun, and why my heart beat extra excitement when it was someones birthday at our house.

Since Miles passed away birthdays have been really hard for me! REALLY HARD! I fake it for the girl's birthdays but I'm not good at keeping and doing all our birthday traditions. Mark's birthday is the worst. I really don't do much at all.

But this year I pushed myself to be better. I hung up the traditional birthday banner, purchased our birthday balloons and treated Mark to dinner of his choice (even if it was a restaurant). The girls and I took lunch to his work and enjoyed the afternoon with him. It was nice. When he came home he found the house all decorated and we surprised him with a birthday card. It was a glimpse of how we use to be. I know this seems like no big deal. But as I said if you knew our lives now and then, you would know this is a big deal. When I told my aunt (aka my best friend) she was so proud of me, and to be honest so was I. Too bad I forgot to take pictures. Oh well, baby steps here. Next birthday I will be on it!


  1. Hurdles! That is great!

  2. Yes!!! Way to be awesome friend!! I'm happy for you and your sweet sweet family. Love you always! XOXO

  3. And just imagine how big Mr. Miles was grinning down on you! I can just imagine him cheering GO MOM! Right before he sent birthday wishes to his Dad!