This Girl Clara

For those of you who follow me on social media, you have a little glimpse into life with Clara.
But let's just talk about this girl for a minute.
Clara came into our lives at a time that I didn't know just how much we needed her.
(We were trying to expand our little family, but had no idea that we actually were until exactly two weeks after Miles' passing.)
My pregnancy with her was truly one of the hardest I have ever gone through so far.
The physical, mental and emotional exhausting was more than overwhelming.
But I have to say it was worth every second!
This girl truly beats to her own drum.
I have never had a child so determined, so busy and so fearless.
I say it all the time, but I truly believe God and Miles sent me this little one so that I wouldn't sit still feeling bad for myself and cry all day long. She truly keeps me running each and every day!

Clara is the sweetest little thing.
She naturally says "Thank You" whenever someone gives her something or does something for her.
It melts my heart.
She LOVES her "Hee Hee" (Vivi)!
She is also a very snuggly little girl and has a strange obsession with stroking people's arms (specifically your bicep). It's a comfort thing, and she is a little more than obsessed! 
It's funny how it really puts her in a sort of trans and just calms her. Weird, but funny.

Clara is curious about everything around her.
She is exploring everything around her each and everyday.
And she really is smart as a whip.
I forget how young she is because she is capable of much more than she really should be.

Clara truly has brought a new dynamic into our family and lives.
I can't imaging life without this sweet little girl.
Her features are striking and her personality just tops it all.
Oh how I would love to see how her and Miles would behave together.  One day!
I'm so grateful that this sweet girl came into our lives just when she did!
She truly is a little miracle baby for us.
Oh how we love you Clara!

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