As I am mugging (that's what we call loving, kissing and hugging) away on these two sweethearts....

I thought I would share some great memories from last year at this time.
It was July 24, 2012  Pioneer Day.
The kids and I extended our stay in Idaho with my parents to attend their ward's festivities.
It was so much fun!
But we missed having Mark there with us.
Oh how we were looking forward to all of us going this year!
Miles really wanted to take Dad to it this year and show him his cowboy skills.
As sad as I am about not going this year, and specifically going with all 5 of us.
I have these beautiful memories that I will forever cherish!!!
Click here to see the fun we had July 24, 2012 Pioneer Day.

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  1. You guys really have beautiful children! I wish I could hold sweet Clara!