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Before the end of the year we decided that we wanted to take family photos. This was the start to our year of healing. We had photos of our family up all over our house that we cherished, but none of them included Clara. Mark and I both felt so torn about the idea of “a family photo.” I mean what does that really mean now? We will never have a true family photo of our family again in this life. We have family photos with Miles but they don’t include Clara and now we will have family photos with Clara {and other future children} but not with Miles physically in them. It’s heartbreaking either way.

Deciding to have our family photo taken was truly the first step forward for us in our healing journey. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. Nor was choosing a photographer. I didn’t just want anyone taking our photos. I wanted someone who knew us, who knew our story and would capture our family beautifully. When thinking of someone I immediately thought of a friend of mine from design school who has started her own amazing photography business…Lisa Hansen Photography.  She even calls herself a Boutique Portrait Artist. Sounds nice huh. So I contacted her and told her my thoughts and ideas of what I was looking for. I also asked her what ideas she had of how to incorporate Miles into our family pictures.  With both of our creative ideas coming together I knew she was a perfect fit for us.

Working with Lisa was wonderful! She captured our family and our story beautifully. It’s illustrated perfectly in this video.

Two weeks after our pictures were taken Lisa came over to the house for our Session Premiere where see spoiled us with yummy cheesecake we selected from her dessert menu. We all dished up a slice and watch the video on her giant screen and surround sound that she brought with her. Tears and cheesecake, who knew it was such a good combo?

Since Lisa’s initial degree is in Interior Design she brings a bit of that magic into her services. Have trouble deciding how to hang your pictures? Don’t worry; she has layouts already to go for you. All you do is choose which picture you want for each of the predetermined canvases within her layout options and boom the work is done. Well except for actually hanging them. But don’t worry she gives you a mapped out guide showing you just how much room it will take up on your walls and how much space to put between each canvas. Seamless and easy! Genius idea as it seems hanging pictures is one of the biggest issues I constantly see people having.

She had lots of sizes of canvas to choose from too. She even brought all these sample sizes to our Session Premiere so that we could see firsthand what each size looked liked along with the different styles and the quality of the canvases. Everyone who comes to my house and sees ours canvases asks where we got our done because the quality is so amazing.

Lisa Hansen with Lisa Hansen Photography is simply amazing…. I would highly recommend her for any of your photography needs! With that being said Lisa is offering for the first time ever a special deal for any of my readers. YEAH!!! So if you mention that you read this on my blog to Lisa she will give you $100.00 off your session premiere package until October 31, 2014. Oh and she is an on location photography so she will come to you. So check out her website Lisa Hansen Photography to see for yourself her amazing work! Click Here. Or you can find her here on Facebook. Click Here.

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