Take Time/Time Out- Quincy Inspired

Yesterday was this sweet little angel's birthday.
Her name is Quincy.
Isn't she the sweetest?!!
She is one of Miles' angel friends, I'm sure of it.

Quincy's family asked for everyone to take a little time out of their day to really spend time with those you love.
To engage with your children and not take advantage of of the precious time you have with them.

As angel parents the one thing you wish you had more than anything is time.
Time to snuggle them one more time, time to kiss their sweet cheeks. Time to talk to them and tell them just how much you love them.
Time.....even seconds. That's all we want.

So I want to share the Draper's amazing project with you (click here).
I would encourage each of you to take time out of your day and make time for what truly matters.
Thank you Draper's for this inspired reminder!!
(Feel free to hashtag what you did so the Draper's can see and feel all your love #taketime)

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