A Miles Kind of Day

I still can't believe this will be our second birthday celebration of Miles' without him here. These are such bittersweet days. Oh how I wish I knew what it would be like to celebrate him turning 6 on Saturday. I remember his last birthday pictured here so vividly as though it were just a couple weeks ago. What I would give to have him here to celebrate the day he came into this world. The day he made Mark and I parents and changed our lives for the better forever. The day that life really started to mean something more, something greater and something amazing. We are truly lucky this sweet boy came into our lives!

Many people have asked what we are doing to celebrate or what they can participate in. In the past we have done acts of service, which is always lovely and encouraged. But this year I would ask that you sport your BYU gear, should you have any, and have a "Miles Day."

What is a "Miles Day?" A dear friend emailed me once and helped me understand just what a Miles Day is to her. It touched me forever. So I will put into words what a "Miles Day" is to me.

A Miles Day is not a scheduled day. It's a day that you wake up, look out the window and as he would say each day "it's sure a beautiful day today." It's a day that is a busy day with many things on the "to do" list, but there is no necesary order as to what must be done so that the day can flow as it may. There is time to think, ready, play, accomplish projects, run errands and cook dinner, but nothing is too rushed or stressed. It's a take it as it comes day.

A Miles kind of day is a day that you comb your hair "the handsome way" but don't get too distraught if it gets messed up. It's a day that you look your best but your not worried about getting dirty from playing, working, or giving service to someone in need without notice. It's a take they day how it goes and smile along the way kind of day.

A Miles kind of day is one that you look out for those around you. You watch and observe those you come in contact with everywhere you go and try to help them or lift their spirits in some way. Just a simple wave or hello may do the trick.

A Miles kind of day is one that you play as hard as you work. It's spending time with those you love and that matter the most to you. It's giving them the biggest hug so they not only feel but they know how much you love them and appreciate them.

A Miles kind of day is one that you have time to reflect on what truly matters to you. What you are doing and where you are going in life. It's a day to be at peace, laugh, find joy and help those around you. It's just that simple. A Miles Day is a day that at the end of the day you say, just as he always did each night, "today was a good day!"

We will be celebrating Miles' birthday with the girls having a "Miles Day" doing some of the things he loved and being with those he loved. We would love for you to have your own kind of "Miles Day" along with us.

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  1. Yes!! I can't wait to have our Miles Day! I'm going to try hard not to plan anything! I love this description of Miles so much! He is such a sweetheart!!! I'm going to read this to the kids and tell them to get ready for our Miles Day! Can't wait to celebrate such an awesome kid!! We can eat cake too right?!?!