Happy Birthday Mark

Today we are celebrating this amazing man.
Mark, you truly do amaze me.
You are so kind, so loving, you always give others the benefit of the doubt instead of judging.
Your an extremely hard worker, you tend to others needs before your own.
You are spiritually on a level that I desperately want to be on.
But I have watched you reach that point and continue to watch you get higher and higher.
You are a wonderful father.
You radiate love for our children before they are even born.
You have always been our kids best buddy.
They think you are much cooler than me, and it's obvious why.

Miles always wanted to be where you were, do what you were doing and most of all be just like you.
He was your little shadow and I think he still is whether you know it or not.

Vivian is always asking me when you are coming home from work.
She gets so excited at the thought of you home and misses you every minute you are gone.
I think it's safe to say she has a crush on you, and you are her first true love.

Clara and you have a bond that I cannot describe.
You two are soul mates in a way I love to watch.
I've never had a child cry out for their daddy in the night, but you are the only one she wants.
I'm sorry it makes for some long nights for you, but you give her comfort that only you can give her.
Thank you for always being there for her.

Oh how I wish our little party planner was here today to help me pull off a spontaneous birthday surprise. Birthdays' were his thing, and I'm having a hard time wanting to celebrate anything without him here.
I wish more than anything I could give him to you for your birthday!
My heart aches watching you miss your little buddy. 
Watching you grieve leaves me feeling helpless.

Today is your day, and we want you to know how much we love you!!
How much all four of us love you!!!
You are our rock and we couldn't ask for a better one!!!
We love you so much!
Let's bust out the party hats Miles' chose and have a great celebration!
Love you Mark!!

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  1. Sorry I"m a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! You are a good man indeed!