What a Week

Well it's been a week or so at our house. Last Monday Vivian felt sick to her tummy. She complained all day about it hurting, then finally around dinner she was fevered. We took it easy and drank lots of sprite. She seemed better until the next day around dinner again and found herself sick again with other complications. Oh boy, there were a lot of tears, snuggles and medications given. She was sweet and even asked her dad for a blessing.

Then Wednesday hit and I had a church activity that I was in charge of. I felt fine most of the day, but as the evening came I was freezing cold, couldn't eat a thing, and still had to set up and conduct our event. I came home exhausted. Yep, thank you Vivian she gave me her sickness.

So again lots of laying around and chicken noodle soup at our house. Then Friday night Mark took me out for my birthday (just a little early celebration). I thought I was feeling better until they brought my food out...nope couldn't eat it. So I drank lemonades all night long. Then later that night poor Mark got hit with a touch and go tummy. Mark never gets sick, so I thought he was in the clear. But nope, no such luck this time.

So Saturday and Sunday we literally just laid around our house most the day. Then Sunday evening Clara was getting a fever. Oh boy. May as well I suppose. So the poor girl has not been sleeping the past few nights. Mark and I have been sleeping on the floor next to her crib each night. Not ideal.

So needless to say it's been  fun at our house lately. But we are hoping to be done and over it all soon! Mark and I are exhausted by it all!

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  1. YUCK!!! Sorry I missed your birthday!! HAPPY BELATED! (We've been sick around here too!)